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What is the anatomical feature of the neck

By February 22, 2018Pain Relieve

The importance of maintain right neck position while sleeping

Nearly everyone must have experience a stiff neck or slight back pain while waking up one morning, and believe me it always feel awful. The good thing is that the pain only lingers for few hours and by taking a pain relieving medicine the discomfort usually goes away sooner than you think but sometimes the pain persists and is quite painful and stressful. The sudden neck strain can be caused by either sleeping in an awkward position or using a hard pillow or sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. The human neck is an important and sensitive part of the body. The neck contains major blood vessels that connect the upper portion (head) with lower part (torso) of the human body. The muscles and bones are effected if a person maintains a wrong posture and sleep in an awkward manner

Structure of neck in relation with sleeping pattern:                           

Apart from the vital blood vessels such as carotid arteries and jugular veins, the neck is made up of small but significant structures as the esophagus, trachea, larynx, thyroid and lymph nodes. The neck is also a vertebrae with bones, muscles and ligaments that connect the skull to the torso and ensure the movement of the neck and maintain its flexibility. It is common that muscles in the neck due to an incorrect position may compress and cause numbness and stiffness. If the pain persists even after taking medicines then it comes down to the sleeping pattern or use of pillow by the person.

Best sleeping positions to avoid neck pain:

A person should try to sleep in such a way that body is aligned and which causes minimum muscle tension and strain. A soft and suitable pillow should be used and neck should be kept at such angle that it does not cause trouble in breathing or make the muscles stressed. It is advised to either sleep with your head on either side or sleep on your backside. Sleeping on the font side or your chest facing the mattress should be avoided at it becomes difficult to move your neck and can cause stiffness in the neck.

Selecting the right pillow for your sleep:

A soft, comfortable pillow with right size and thickness can reduce the chances of either neck or back pain considerably. There are also special pillow made for the very reason to support and relax the neck and back muscles and remove any discomfort and trouble while sleeping. It is feasible to use a pillow that is not too high, flat and hard to avoid neck pain. If a person is sleeping on his backside than a thin pillow is good and when sleeping on the sides a thick pillow should be used as it positions the neck and shoulders correctly. The pillow should be such that it keeps the neck at correct level as when your neck is not at right level it will increase the chances of muscle strains. A right pillow should avoid the bending and falling of neck and provide even support to the neck. People should also replace their pillow every 12 months as constant use of pillow may lose its thickness and softness.

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