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Travel in style with the right pillow that has the right comfort

By February 22, 2018Pain Relieve



Back pain is one of the most common ailments on the planet, with millions of sufferers in the U.S. alone. Traveling with back pain can make sitting on a long flight or lugging a heavy suitcase feel like torture. But that doesn’t mean your backache should prevent you from seeing the world.

The following tips will help you support your spine and reduce your pain when you travel:

  1. Schedule Your Flights Carefully

Flying is the most difficult part of a trip for many people traveling with back pain; being shoehorned into a cramped economy-class seat for hours on end can leave your spine feeling like a Slinky. Other back pain sufferers find that it’s actually more comfortable to split their trip into multiple shorter legs, broken up by layovers in which they can stretch and stroll around the airport.

  1. Get Up And Move

Unless you sleep well on planes and plan to conk out for the entire flight, you’ll probably want to request an aisle seat on the plane. This will allow you to stand up regularly and move around the cabin without disturbing your seatmates. Sitting too long in the same position can cause stiffness and pain.

  1. Pack Light Bags And Luggage

Every extra item you put into your suitcase is one more thing you’ll have to hoist into the overhead bin or drag from your car to the airport. Make it easier on yourself by packing less (our What Not to Pack can help) and consider checking any bags you can’t easily lift into an overhead bin.

  1. Scrutinize Your Hotel

Many people who suffer from back pain find that how they sleep has a huge impact on how they feel. If you need a firm mattress for support or plenty of pillows so you can put one between your knees, check ahead of time to be sure your hotel can accommodate you. If your back pain makes it difficult to handle your luggage, you’ll also want to make sure the hotel has an elevator and/or bellhop to help

  1. Bring Adequate Accessories

Yes, we preached the virtues of packing light above, but one area where you shouldn’t scrimp is anything that helps ameliorate your back pain. Lumbar pillows, seat cushions, heating pads … whatever will help you feel comfortable during your trip is worth packing.

  1. Manage Your Stress

Some people find that emotional tension makes their back pain worse. Most people’s travel stress starts at the airport, so be sure to arrive well before your first flight and allow plenty of time for any connections so you’re not racing to your gate.

  1. Treat Yourself For Better Comfort

If you’ve got the means — or the miles — consider upgrading your seat on a long flight. Your back will feel much more comfortable in a roomy business-class seat (or even in premium economy) than you will in the back of the plane.

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