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The right pillow for neck support

By February 22, 2018Pain Relieve

The advantages of using right pillow for neck support

Adequate sleep and rest are two of the vital components for a healthy lifestyle. In human body there are constantly numerous physiological processes going on. The muscles, bones and blood vessels are working without fail, sleep and rest allows the muscles to relax and help to save energy. Bone and joint pain are always very discomforting and uncomfortable especially if it’s a backache or neck pain. Backache and neck pain are two of the common reasons why it becomes difficult for a person to sleep well. Human neck is one of the important part of the body connecting the head with lower part of the body known as the torso. The neck is made up of vertebrae known as cervical vertebrae which is located below the skull and is comprised of numerous blood vessels and nerves that connect the brain with rest of the body. The muscles, bones and ligaments of the neck support movement and allow a person to move his head. Neck pain can be caused either by any injury, inflammation or stiffness of muscles. One of the common reasons of stiffness in the neck is also related to poor posture and sometimes the remedy of neck pain lies not in any medicine or therapy but something very simple such as using a correct pillow for your sleep.

Causes for Neck pain:

As said earlier neck consists of bones, muscles, tendons and cartilage and they all make up the cervical column of the spine. This cervical portion allows smooth function and ability to move the neck but sometimes an ache or strain can cause discomforting pain which limits a person’s movement. Many times the neck pain is relieved within a day or two but in case of injury or persisting pain it is advised to consult a doctor. Some common reasons of neck stiffness or pain are:

  • Working at a desk or sitting in an awkward position for a long time
  • Sleeping while your neck is an incorrect angle and position
  • Maintaining a poor or incorrect posture
  • Using an improper or hard pillow for your neck

How essential are pillows for your neck and a fitful sleep:

A good night’s sleep is vital for a person to maintain his health and wake up fresh. A good rest ensures that the internal organs work optimally and a person feel energetic to do the daily tasks without any inconvenience. Waking up in the morning with a stiff neck is one of the most unpleasant thing, the pain not is not only felt in the entire body but it limits a person movements. Many times people think that they have any medical issue when faced with neck pain but most often or not, neck pain has little to do with any internal bodily change but it can arise from sleeping awkwardly or using a wrong pillow. The nerves inside the cervical column usually are compressed when a person’s neck is not in correct angle. A person feel numbness and stiffness which can be avoided if right pillow is used for supporting the neck.

What categorizes as a right pillow:

A right pillow is very much necessary to provide correct support to the neck and also align the body during sleep. Using a wrong pillow can cause compression and stress to the blood vessels and make the neck numb and stiff. There are number of neck pillows and neck pads available which can relieve the soreness and strain of the neck. People should use pillow with correct size, firmness and softness. A pillow too big or hard cannot help to relax the neck muscles and similarly a flat pillow can cause neck strain. Sleeping patterns are also one of the factors of neck pain and a right pillow should be selected considering one’s sleeping pattern too. A low pillow should be used when sleeping on your backside and a higher pillow when sleeping with your head on either side. It is also advised to replace a pillow after 12 or more months as pillow loses its softness and thickness.

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