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Raw Whole Food Supplement and Multivitamin

By February 22, 2018Nutri Fab

The benefits of consuming Raw Whole Food Supplements and Multivitamin

One of the key factors to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to eat natural foods which includes the fruits and vegetables. Through many studies and researches it is proved that eating natural foods, natural ingredients and organic food is way better than eating processed food. Natural foods includes the fruits, vegetables and meat from animals such as chicken, beef and fish. Natural foods contain more nutrition and energy than processed artificial foods. The amount of proteins, minerals and other ingredients needed for strength are present in the right quantity and unadulterated which provides better taste and nourishment.

Whole Food:

The food which has not been processed and neither any ingredient is added is known as whole food. The fruits and vegetables are called whole foods because they are present naturally and have only ingredients which are present in them, there is no addition and thus whole foods are prime source of energy. A balanced diet which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish meat helps a person to remain healthy, avoid falling sick and help perform the task of his daily routines without any difficulty

Benefits of natural food:

  • Natural food are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which are required by human body the most to remain healthy
  • Natural whole food have no or minimum side effects when compared to artificial food.
  • The consumption of whole food will very much improve the energy and capabilities of the person
  • The body organs perform optimally and the skin also becomes smooth and soft when natural food are eaten as they contain the right nutrients.

Raw Whole Food Supplement:

The food when eaten as found, such as fruits and vegetables is called raw whole food. Raw foods are comprehensive package of nutrients, vitamins antioxidants and minerals. When raw foods are uncooked and untreated they have maximum amount of energy in them. When natural occurring food such as vegetables are cooked there are certain chemically processed ingredients that are added to make a meal. The vegetables may lose their original flavor due to addition of other elements present in the meals. Raw whole food supplements are type of dietary food supplements that keeps the food in its original natural state and they are minimally processed. The advantages of raw whole food supplements are

  • More healthy and nutritional than artificially processed food
  • Contain vast amounts of minerals and vitamins otherwise consumed
  • Biggest benefits is the absorption factor. The human body readily and quickly absorbs the nutrients of raw whole food
  • Completely safe to consume with no adverse reactions or side effects
  • Help to keep the calories down and prevent numerous diseases to develop

Types of Whole food:

As said earlier whole foods are complete package a person can consume. They contain all the nutrients, antioxidants, fibers, vitamins that can help the body to function optimally. Some of the whole food are

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, peaches, cherries, berries, cabbage, broccoli, spinach
  • Omega 3-foods which includes seawater food such as sardines, herrings and salmon
  • Nuts such as walnuts, pecans and almonds
  • Whole grains, chickpeas, lentils and soybeans


People nowadays eat a lot of processed food or use ingredients which are chemically processed, while making meals. The processed food and meals which are made from such ingredients are low on nutritional value and are deficient in particular vitamins and minerals. A person can supplement his diet by taking vitamin supplements. These vitamins have advantage of not only having proper nutrients but they are also readily absorbed in the body system. Multivitamins are type of supplements that ensure that a person gets the right quantity of nutrients which his diet might be lacking. Multivitamins are usually in a tablet or pill form which a person can swallow easily. A person can consult a nutritionist to determine which multivitamins, supplements he should take. A person who has deficiency in certain vitamins can take high quality supplements.

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