Full Body Massage Chair


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Product Description

Product Features:

  • Newest 2018 ergonomic design.
  • Quality upholstery, soft and comfortable.
  • With zero gravitation design, you feel fully relaxed phisically and mentally.
  • Eight massage points inside of the backrest work together with other areas to provide a completely relaxing head-to-toe massage.
  • To promote blood circulation and improve metabolism, two heaters are built inside of the seat and foot rest.
  • Seat massager includes vibrate, heat and air squeeze functions.
  • Fifty air bags placed all over the shoulder, arms, seat, and legs massage you gently.
  • Pulsed massage for arm sections with air bag built inside and space capsule arm design.
  • Roller massage for the feet. (Competitors only have air massage.)
  • Footrests extented for taller individuals.
  • Four preset auto massage programs have different massage methods to give you the best massage experience.
  • Advanced high definition VFD display screen.
  • 100% tested before leaving the factory.


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