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By February 22, 2018Exercise

The growing trend and benefits of Planks Exercise

A person can stay strong and healthy if he keeps himself involve in any physical activity such playing sports or exercise. Physical activities are more than just participating and feeing active. People who regular exercise are physically and mentally more strong. The biggest advantage of exercising is that it keeps the weight of a person under control and reduces the chances of numerous diseases to develop. A person who exercise regularly, feels more energetic and is able to carry out the daily routine tasks with utmost ease than a person who is not involved in any physical activity. Exercise can significantly improve mental health and remove the stress and depression of a person. Some common types of exercises includes walking, running, jogging, swimming, stretching and other activities that require movement of hands and limbs. Exercise is beneficial to people of all ages and a minimum time of 20 to 30 minutes can guarantee the following advantages

  • Can help to maintain weight or lose weight if a person has grown fat
  • Helps to develop the bones and muscles and makes them strong
  • Removes muscle fatigue and help a person remain energetic
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases considerably
  • Lessen the chances of other chronic ailments such as diabetes and even cancers
  • Helps to keep the blood pressure normal and lower the cholesterol levels.

Types of Different Exercise:

There are numerous types of exercises depending on the amount of physical movement involved and time taken in the physical activity. The exercise are broadly categorized in three main sections which are

  • Aerobic Exercise: This physical activity increases the heart function and increased levels of oxygen are delivered to the muscles which are involved in the exercise which can be either walking, jogging or swimming.
  • Anaerobic Exercise: This is mostly a short form of exercise that needs significant muscle functioning and relies in the energy stored in the muscles rather than oxygen. Anaerobic exercises comprises of the routine exercises that people perform in fitness clubs such as pushups, pull-ups and weight lifting
  • Stretching: This comprises of simple activities which can stretch and lengthen the muscles and improve their flexibility

Planks (Exercise):

Plank is a form of exercise that a person can easily perform. A plank is a simple method that helps a person to maintain a position for long duration of time. The plank position is similar to a pushup position. Plank is an effective core exercise that helps a person to increase strength and stability of his entire body. Getting in a plank position can be easy but the key is to maintain that position for significant amount of time. The difficulty levels of plank can range from short term planks to long term planks.

How to perform planks:

Planks are type of bodyweight exercise that can help build strength and stability and this can be achieved through different techniques. The common plank position will help a person keep his body perpendicular to the ground, the stomach would be facing the ground but the bottom part (torso) would be a bit elevated either by positioning the elbows or hands. The plank is similar to pushup but in pushup a person constantly moves his body up or down, in plank the body is supposed to stay in particular position for some time. Planks can be a strenuous exercise but once a person has developed a habit, it would be easy. A person does not need any expensive equipment and planks can be performed anywhere. The planks make use of the entire body muscles and bones which help to keep the bones and muscles in motion. There are different types of planks which can be used and improve the overall posture of the person and also help to reduce weight.

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