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Number one musculoskeletal issue

By February 22, 2018Pain Relieve

The most common and number one musculoskeletal concern

Musculoskeletal is a term given to the vast network of bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and the numerous tissues that hold and support all the bodily organs together. Musculoskeletal is a name given due to combination and interconnection of two systems, the skeletal and muscular systems of the human body. The main functions of musculoskeletal system is primarily to support the entire human body, to protect the organs and giving stability and ability for a person to move his body either by standing, sitting or bending. The musculoskeletal system defines how bones (the main component of the human skeleton) are connected with the muscles and with other bones in form of joints. There are certain connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons that connect bones with muscles. Where the bones provide with strength and support, the muscles keep the bones in place and allow easy movement of bones.

Musculoskeletal issues:

Every person wants to live a healthy and happy life but falling sick for few days due to any illness and injury is part of life too. There some diseases such as fever and cold which are fairly common and easy to diagnose but a human body has various organs and constantly many internal bodily processes are going on. It is also likely that a person may develop some ailment or disorder that require special attention and treatment. There are certain disorders and conditions which may develop and effect the functions and hinder efficiency of the entire musculoskeletal system. Minor strains and bruises can be resolved within few days but severe injuries such as fractures and illnesses like osteoarthritis require a professional physician and a surgeon.

Causes of musculoskeletal Pains:

As discussed earlier the immense network and work of musculoskeletal system, musculoskeletal disorders is a name given to all the injuries, illness and pain associated with the bones, muscles, joints, tendons and nerves that make up the musculoskeletal system and support the back, neck and limbs. As there are various elements of the musculoskeletal system therefore the causes of musculoskeletal pain are also varied. Some common reasons of pain can be constant wear and tear of muscle tissue, overexertion while lifting heavy objects, muscles strains, being involved in unfortunate circumstances such as car accidents and falls. More complex musculoskeletal pain includes chronic pains such as low back pains, neck pains, arthritis, bone dislocations and fractures.

Symptoms of having musculoskeletal pain:

The symptoms of experiencing musculoskeletal pain may vary due to the nature of the musculoskeletal issue. There are few pains which are resolved within few days but two broad categories involve acute pain which lasts for 6 weeks and chronic pains which are more stressful and last from 6 to 12 weeks. The symptoms may also vary from one person to another. Some common occurring symptoms include:

  • Numbness and soreness in the muscles and bones.
  • Body aches and stiffness of the neck
  • Constant muscle fatigue
  • Agonizing pain that makes it difficult for person to move and even sleep calmly.

The number one or most common musculoskeletal issue:

Musculoskeletal pain vary from person to person and some important factors that help physician to diagnose the musculoskeletal illness include the age, gender and weight of the person. An elderly person is more susceptible to back pain and arthritis due to the deformation of bones as compared to a young person. Obesity is another major reason as people who are overweight are more prone to develop symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders. Lower back pain is the most common musculoskeletal issue in America along with other arthritis related disorders such as neck pain. Studies and researches indicate that nearly 80{c8df3bfb33e6b63e4697d7141351ebaa0e1ce6c721932044fcaeb6529c5ff944} of people may experience some sort of back and neck pain at least once in their life. Back pains effect about one in every three adults. Lower back pain is one major complain of office workers and employees and results in absenteeism and loss of efficient productivity.

Remedy of back pains:

The cause of back pain is not mostly due to any injury or illness but often times due to poor posture, using a wrong pillow, and sitting for long hours in particular position without taking breaks, lifting heavy objects constantly and lack of sleep. There are numerous pain relieving medicines that can be taken and people with back pains can attend therapy sessions to ease the pain. People are also advised to use proper, soft pillows while sleeping and comfortable cushions while working in a chair as this can relax the muscles and avoid the pain.

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