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Low back pain and work place solution

By February 22, 2018Pain Relieve

The growing concern of low back pain in work place and its remedies

Back pains is one of the common health condition that effects nearly everybody often times during their life. Studies and researches indicate that a normal person is likely to face some sort of back pain at least once in their lifetime. The human back is large part of the human body comprising of numerous vital bones, muscles and ligaments which ensure proper support, stability and movement. Back pains are very discomforting and depending on the severity can range from acute pain which last for few days and weeks to chronic pains which last longer and cause debilitating pain. Low back pains is one health concern faced by many employees in a workplace. Low pain can cause less productivity from employees and can be one major reason for absenteeism.

Causes and symptoms for low back pains:

The low back is known as the Lumbar vertebrae region of the back. There are numerous bones, muscles, joints and nerves present in the back which are all interlinked and help in not only protecting the spinal column but in support and movement, such as twisting and bending. As all the muscles and bones function in accordance, so when any pain develops due to illness or injury then the pain is felt in the entire body. Low back pains can be extremely unsettling and stressful for the employees as they begin to lose focus on their work with growing pain and unease.

Low back pain complains in work place:

There are several reasons that can cause low back pains and majority of them are not chronic related but are due to simple reasons such as sitting long hours in front of the desk and minor bruising and strains. The more serious low back pains are caused by ailments such as arthritis, slip disc or pain due to any sever injury. Some common reasons for low back pain include

  • Sitting in the chair in awkward position for long hours
  • Bending and twisting inappropriately and suddenly
  • Overexertion and stress of workload
  • Workers that constantly operate heavy machinery in factories
  • Workers who have to drive long hours providing logistics services and distributing goods

But fortuitously office management and employees can follow certain steps to reduce the risk of low back pains which would result in efficiency and less days off work.

Remedy for low back pains:

As said earlier that low pain is seldom caused by a serious illness, it therefore easier to cope or follow simple steps that are more ease back problems. Most times low back is treated with proper pain relieving medication and physical therapies. There are certain training sessions such as counseling and occupational therapies which offices should conduct to educate the employees on the correct way to sit, stand and maintain a proper posture. These sessions will very much help in preventing the employees from experiencing back pain, improve work productivity and save the time lost due to absenteeism of employees. The office should also employ ergonomic and comfortable equipment such as chairs, work desk and sofas which provide maximum ease to the employees while working. Also majority of the cases of low back pains are not that serious and can be resolved in short time if proper techniques and methods are applied.

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