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Herbalism – benefits of using herbs

By February 22, 2018Preventive Care

Herbalism – Use of Herbs, Forms and Benefits

Before prescription medicines became common, people back in the day used to rely on various herbs to treat several health related problems. That practice, used hundreds of years ago, is now known as Herbalism.

Also referred to as botanical medicine or phytotherapy, herbalism is the practice or study of the therapeutic and medicinal uses and benefits of plants as a form of alternative treatment to western medicine.

What differentiates herbal medicine from other alternative treatments is that herbalism focuses on treating and preventing not only the symptoms a person experiences but also the main underlying problem. The use of different plants and herbs has proven to become quite effective in treating those health concerns and has, over the years, gained popularity with people today. With more and more people realizing the positive effects of these medicines, it comes as no surprise that western practitioners have started taking note of it – so much so that most of them are now recommending these herbal medicines as a form of alternative treatment.

Different Forms of Herbal Medicine

One of the best things about herbal medicine is that it comes in many different forms, making it a more versatile and relatively easy for people to intake. Below are the different forms that herbal medicine can most commonly be found in.

  1. Herbal infusions (herbal tea)
  2. Herbal capsules
  3. Herbal decoctions
  4. Herbal tablets
  5. Herbal syrups
  6. Herbal essential oils
  7. Herbal tinctures
  8. Herbal fluid extracts
  9. Freeze dried herbs
  10. Herbal glycerinates

Various Herbs and Their Benefits

There’s a reason why herbal medicine has become so widespread today – it’s because it actually works! These herbs are packed with goodness that promote good health and provides relief from various symptoms and illnesses.

Read on to learn about some of the more popular herbs that are used in herbal medicine and how they benefit.

  • Ginger – has been shown to be highly effective in treating nausea as a result of motion sickness and even chemotherapy.
  • Ginseng – various studies show that ginseng is great at warding of fatigue and boosting energy in a person.
  • Chamomile – popularly known as “nighttime” herb since in helps to calm the nerves and promote a restful sleep.
  • Licorice – the anti-inflammatory properties found in licorice has been proven effective in the treatment of a sore throat.
  • Nettle – for those tired of using anti-dandruff shampoo can use nettle to effectively deal with this issue.
  • Lavender – intake of lavender in any form has shows to be effective in reducing tension and relieving stress.
  • Cinnamon – the main reason why cinnamon is found in so many food products is because it helps in regulating the blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Fennel seeds – those who regularly suffer from indigestion and bloating can consume fennel seeds as a preventive treatment.
  • Mint – one of the most common herbs that people tend to use, it is not only effective in treating a stomach ache but is also a great diuretic as well as provides relaxation.

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