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Herbal Supplements a healing art

By February 22, 2018Natural Supplements

The need and benefits of using Herbal Supplements

With time medical technology has advanced leaps and bounds, there are numerous studies and researches going on that are giving way to new treatments for diseases and illness which were deemed difficult and even impossible to cure. But all this advancement comes with a price and elaborate methods of treatments are expensive and cost significant money. Every person wants to enjoy a healthy lifestyle but falling sick is part of life too. Every day there are numerous people who catch a cold and fever, many people suffer from chronic pains and they all have to take medications to help them recover and relieve the pain. For quick relieve people take antibiotics but some people’s bodies are not attuned to antibiotics as it slows them down and make them feel a little bit lethargic.

There are people who are always looking for better solutions to help them stay fit and recover quickly even if they fall sick to flu or cold. People are going back to natural remedies such as using herbal medicine and herbal supplements for wide range of ailments, infections and disorders.

History of Herbal Medicine:

Herbal medicine is a term denoted to use of plant’s extracts such as plant’s roots, seeds, leaves and bark for medicinal purposes. Herbal medicine has been around nearly all over the world for eons. Use of naturally grown plant materials has been the most primitive method to provide cure to almost all ailments. The use of plants and herbs has been done thousands of years back as it was the only form of medicine available at that time. Since ancient times there has been a history of herbal use is different cultures. Through ancient records it is been noticed that Egyptians and Chinese were the first people to use plants as a remedy to cure diseases.

The growth of Herbal Medicine and Herbal Supplements:

Today according to World Health Organization (WHO) nearly 80{c8df3bfb33e6b63e4697d7141351ebaa0e1ce6c721932044fcaeb6529c5ff944} of populations from every part of the world use of plant extracts for medicinal purposes and also supplementing a diet. Even many modern drugs are derived from herbs. Many clinical research have established the value of herbs in treatment and prevention of diseases. There is no denying the effectiveness of modern medicines and drugs in curing variety of illnesses but some people develop certain allergic reactions as pharmaceutical drugs are developed in laboratories using synthetic chemicals. In today’s world people have become more circumspect when it comes to their diet and use of medicines. People are reaching out to try natural remedies such as herbal supplements to stay healthy, heal the pain quickly, and avoid the side effects of certain medicines and drugs

Benefits of Herbal Supplements:

Herbal supplements also known as botanicals are a form of dietary supplement that is used for treating a wide number of diseases such as asthma, diabetes, skin allergies, migraines, muscle fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, arthritis and even cancer. The effectiveness of the herb depends on the type of environment the plant is grown and other factors such as climate and soil quality. The use of herbal supplements has increased considerably in the country. The herbal supplements are categorized as ‘natural’ and considered as dietary supplements making them safe to use. Some commonly used herbal supplements include

  • Echinacea to treat cold, slow healing wound and urinary infections
  • Flaxseed for cholesterol control, maintaining hormonal balance and improving digestion
  • Ginkgo is used for memory disorders such as Alzheimer and improve cognitive functions
  • Ginseng is main ingredient in herbal teas and energy drinks
  • Goldenseal is used for cold, digestive disorder and respiratory infections
  • Chamomile is mostly used for depression, skin allergies and for anti-inflammatory treatment
  • Evening primrose oil is used for treating acne and improving skin health

The herbal supplements have proved to provide significant benefits to patients suffering from either common or chronic ailments. If a person is taking other prescribed medicines than it is best to consult a physician or pharmacist as some herbs may interact with certain medicine and cause some medical complications. The pharmacist can also guide a person which supplements to take and the right dose of the herbal supplement to avoid any discomfort and inconvenience.

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