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By February 22, 2018Fruits

Date – Health Benefits, Types, and Nutritional Properties


Dates are one of the nutritious and healthy fruit. It is to be believed that dates are one of the oldest sophisticated fruit and probably is a part of Middle Eastern nations principal diet. Dates are supposed to have instigated in some ancient Persian times. Typically, a date consists of a cylindrical or oval shape where it’s outer shell is full of nutritious sweet fruit and contains a seed in the inner cores. An average date is about 3-7 cm long. Mostly a date is red or bright yellow in color when unripe. On the other hand, their shell and color changes into brown on ripening. Dates are mostly categorized under three varieties which are semi-dry dates, dried dates, and content-soft dates. Although, all these dates varieties offer the same nutritional properties, however they might appear different in taste and size.


There are various types of dates cultivated in the world. Among all, following types are somewhat popular in most the parts of the world.

  • Medjool: Originated from Morocco, this type of dates is full of delicious properties and rich in flavor.
  • Barhi: These dates are available in the native city of Iraq. They dark brown in color and probably round and offers a great soothing flavor and taste.
  • Halawy: This variety of date is also available in the native city of Iraq and they are extremely sweet and probably available in moderate or small size.
  • Dayri: They are also called Monastery Date and they are slim, lengthy, and dark in color.
  • Deglet Noor: This date is supposed to best in all other available varieties of dates and they are probably available in countries like Tunisia and Algeria. They are light-dry dates and mostly used for cooking.


Dates are one of the most beneficial fruit for your health since they rich in nutritional content. Following are some of the great health benefits of dates:

  1. Dates can cure anemia
  2. Dates are highly efficient against treatment of constipation
  3. Dates can help in treatment of diarrhea
  4. Dates are highly effective for improving bones health
  5. Dates prevents abdominal cancer
  6. Dates help in treatment of intestinal disorders
  7. Dates can help in maintaining your healthy nervous system
  8. Dates are very good for heart health
  9. Dates can help in treatment of allergies
  10. Dates can help in treatment of night blindness
  11. Dates are helpful against treatment of intoxication
  12. Dates greatly aid in maintenance of your healthy skin
  13. Dates are great fruit for dental health
  14. Dates are highly beneficial for pregnant women
  15. Dates help in treatment of intoxication


Dates are considered a great source as nutritional fruit consisting of various healthy vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Following are some of the crucial nutritional values which date offers:

  • Calories: Dates are rich in calories and probably contains about 100-314 grams of calories.
  • Sugars: Date are high in sugars, which mainly encompass glucose and fructose.
  • Fat and Protein: Dates are lower in fat and proteins.
  • Vitamins: Dates are a composite of various healthy vitamins.
  • Minerals: Dates are rich in healthy minerals including copper, potassium, calcium, iron, etc.

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