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By February 22, 2018Fruits

The Benefits Of Cucumbers Are Not Limited To The Beauty Industry

One of the more popular vegetables originating from India, cucumbers are a great source of vitamins and minerals and are found to be rich in fiber. Mostly made up of water, cucumbers are made up of mostly water content, making them a perfect food source for those looking to shed a few pounds. But what most people are not aware of is that cucumbers are not vegetables – in fact it’s a fruit and is full of good health!

Did you Know?
One cup of cucumber

  • contains only 16 calories
  • 152 milligrams of potassium
  • 17 milligrams of vitamin K
  • 6 milligrams of magnesium
  • 3 milligrams of vitamin C
  • Zero fat, sugar or fiber

How cucumbers promote good health

Known to contain a bunch of goodness, cucumbers have been known to promote good health in a number of ways.

  • Being made up of 96{c8df3bfb33e6b63e4697d7141351ebaa0e1ce6c721932044fcaeb6529c5ff944} water, munching on a cucumber is a great way to stay cool and hydrated throughout the day and is a good option for those who do not drink the recommended intake of water during the day.
  • You know what all that water does inside your body? Flushes out the toxins! So eating cucumbers is a great way of ridding your body of these toxins that can accumulate, making you a prey to a number of health risks.
  • Stay cool – eat a cucumber – and we mean that literally! Cucumber acts as a cooling source and can provide relief not only from heartburn but if applied on the skin can actually relieve itchy skin and pain from the sunburn.
  • Those looking to shed a few pounds can munch this fruit or mix it in a salad to aid in weight loss.
  • Pretty much everybody in the beauty industry is aware of how cucumbers are just the perfect “product” to provide relief from puffy eyes and reduces under-eye bags.
  • Cucumbers are a great source of Vitamin A, B and C which is great for boosting not just your energy but also your immunity while keeping you looking radiant.
  • Know why spas use cucumbers in their face packs and masks? Because they are an excellent source of skin friendly minerals such as silicon, magnesium and potassium.
  • Those that struggle with blood pressure can find relief by eating cucumbers.
  • It’s great for smoothing out your nails and hair since it contains silica which is considered to be a wonder mineral found in cucumbers.
  • Cut down your risk of cancer by including cucumbers in your diet.
  • Bad breath? Cucumber juice is a great at refreshing your breath and in healing gums which leaves your mouth and breath smelling fresh and good.
  • Cucumbers are known to reduce levels of uric acid in your system which keeps your kidney in shape.
  • Sterol, that is a compound found in cucumbers, is a source that helps to reduce bad cholesterol in a person.
  • Those with diabetes will find that a hormone found in cucumbers aid in the production of insulin in the body.

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