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By February 22, 2018Vegetables

The essential use of Carrots and its numerous health benefits

A proper balanced diet ensures a healthy living and free of any acute or chronic diseases which can lower the energy levels of a person. Two of the most important components of a balanced diet are fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are naturally occurring food items which have two most significant benefits, firstly these two food items are rich with enormous amounts of nutrients which are indispensable for human body and secondly fruits and vegetables have no harmful side effects. Vegetables just like fruits are rich source of energy and used worldwide by people in preparation of meals, some vegetables are also eaten in raw form.

Benefits of vegetables:

Consumption of vegetable in either raw form or in meals will not only improve overall health of a person but will ensure that vital organs perform well. Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals which helps in the digestive, excretory and skeletal system of human body. The minerals, vitamins and antioxidants help the growth of cells and tissue and prevent chronic diseases such as cancers to develop. There are hundreds of variety of vegetables and each have significant benefits. Some of the overall benefits include

  • Vegetables are primary sources of proteins which are most essential part of healthy diet. Examples are spinach, beans and rice
  • Vegetables have considerable level of water content that help a person to stay hydrated and also lower the calories. Cucumbers, lettuce, celery and radish have high concentration of water
  • Dietary fiber is another component of vegetables that allow easy digestion of food and prevent conditions such as diarrhea and constipation. Examples are green peas, beans and broccoli.
  • Antioxidants are also found abundantly in vegetables which not only improve the immune system but prevent cancerous cells to grow. Artichokes, beans and potatoes are some of the vegetables with high presence of antioxidants


Carrots are one of the most extensively cultivated and consumed of the vegetables. Carrots are from the category of root vegetables and they are easily grown. Orange colored carrots are famous worldwide but there are other colored carrots too. Asia leads in the production of carrots whereas they are also produced in North America. People of all ages love to eat carrots because of their sweet flavor and crunchy feeling. Carrots are one of the few vegetables that are used in nearly every cuisine.

History and types of carrots:

Studies indicate that carrots originated from Central Asia and was known as a wild carrot which was then bred in Europe and domesticated. The most commonly eaten part of carrot is the taproot portion of the carrot. Carrots are widely used in salads, snacks, soups, juices, they are important ingredient in many dishes and are also eaten in raw form. There are generally four types of carrots namely Danvers, Chantenay, Nantes and Imperator carrots and each have difference of roots, leafs and taste.

Benefits of eating Carrots:

Apart from having a sweet taste and easy to consume, carrots have numerous benefits from health point of view. Carrots contain several nutrients such fibers, antioxidants, carotenoids, minerals like potassium, copper, iron, and Vitamin A, C, K, B6. The health advantages of carrots are

  • The potassium and iron present in carrots help in blood circulation and avoid blood pressure to rise.
  • The amount of fiber in carrots help food to be easily passed in the digestive tract. Fibers also protect stomach and colon from ailments.
  • A good amount of carrot in a diet can significantly reduce the risk of heart problems. Carrots lower the cholesterol level which is main cause of coronary diseases.
  • Carrots have one important carotenoid named beta-carotene which is essential in reducing the chance of cancer cells to grow.
  • The vitamin presence in carrot is very helpful too. Vitamin A improves eyesight and vitamin C stimulates the white blood cells which are main part of the immune system and fight infections

Uses of Carrots:

Carrots are not that large in size and can be easily used in different ways. People can wash the carrots and eat them in raw form. People add carrots in many meals, snack and while preparing soups. Another good way to enjoy carrot is taking out the juice of the carrot. Carrot juices are growing popular and more people are making a habit to drink carrot juice for its numerous benefits.

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