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Bodywork Technique

By February 22, 2018Preventive Care

The wide range of use and advantages of Bodywork Technique

Alternate and complementary medicine have always been necessary to ensure complete recovery of people and patients from illness and chronic pains. Massage has been in practice for eons and been very effective to reduce the muscle stress and remove the body aches. Massage therapies are standard for patients who are either suffering from musculoskeletal problem or recovering in rehabilitation. Massage is helpful for both acute and chronic illness. There are different type of massage, some of the common ones are deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and sports massage. Chiropractic and bodywork technique also help to realign the body and reduce the pain.

What is Bodywork technique?

Bodywork therapy or bodywork technique involves manipulation and aligning the human body to improve the function of the muscles and remove the muscle fatigue. There are two ways bodywork therapy is given; first is a relatively slow process in which a person’s posture is corrected and he also receives deep tissue massage, second type is a fast process in which a person practices moving, standing and sitting with improved alignment of his body. Bodywork technique is different from massage in one aspect as in massage the therapist uses oils to lubricate the skin while in bodywork technique the practitioner uses hand to remove the fascia tensions of the muscles. The main purpose of bodywork technique is to correct the posture, improve the body and mind connection, ease the movement of muscles and lessen the strain and stress a person experiences on daily basis.

Bodywork technique can be used for:

People who are suffering from chronic illness or are injured due to falls, are always looking for alternate medical treatment to relieve them from the pain and discomfort. The bodywork technique not only improves posture but prevents stress related pain to occur on regular basis. Bodywork technique is very much helpful for people who are sport stars, athletes and dancers. Bodywork technique is also used to treat lower back pain and neck strains. One advantage of bodywork technique is that it increases the self-awareness of the person.

Types of Bodywork techniques:

Bodywork technique involves manipulation to remove the misalignment of fascia muscles which are main cause of chronic pain and discomfort. There are many methods for bodywork technique and each work on the same goal of improving muscle function, increase self-awareness and improvement in movement of muscles. Some of the methods are

  • Alexander technique: It is used to restore the natural balance of the body while also improving the reflexes and movement. It educates the mind and helps to maintain proper balance.
  • Deep tissue massage: This relieves the muscle strain by applying pressure to the deepest layers of the tissue to release the muscle constriction
  • Rolfing: It is named after the biochemist Ida Rolf and is also called ‘Rolf therapy’. This therapy manipulates the muscles and bones to align and improve overall balance of the muscular and connecting tissue of the body.
  • Tragerwork: This method was developed by Milton Trager who believed that majority of the illness is caused by tension present in the mind. Through gentle touches such as shaking, rocking and stretching, the tension could be released.
  • Trigger point therapy: This is also called ‘myotherapy’ and involves applying pressure to trigger points or sensitive spots present in the musculoskeletal system of the human body.

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