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Benefits of Being Outdoors

By February 22, 2018Healthy topics

The need to exercise; Benefits of walking, hiking and Qigong

Human body is made up of numerous bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints that provide support and movement abilities, and also protect vital organs. Physical activity or doing regular exercise can not only help a person remain strong and healthy, reduce the risk of disease to develop but it can also keep the bone structure and muscles in good shape and prevent a person to become fat. Exercise has long term benefits as it can prevent a person from putting on weight as extra weight is a prime cause for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. Exercise is one thing that is not age bound and people of all ages must exercise to ensure physical and mental health.

Advantages of a regular exercise:

  • Allows a person to control his weight and keep away obesity which is basis of many ailments
  • Reduces the risk and chances of a heart attack
  • Helps to lower the blood pressure and cholesterol level
  • Improve bone, muscle growth and make them stronger
  • A person feels more energetic, able to work for long hours and feel less stressed
  • It can also help keep the diabetes in check and even prevent some cancers to develop

A small amount of time spend in exercise can help a person to be more relaxed, happy and avoid any depression to grow. Even if a person falls sick, a person who is healthy and exercises recovers more quickly than other patients.

Types of Exercises:

Any physical activity that involves the movement of a person’s physical organs such as hands and feet and that movement that can helpful to burn the calories. The physical movements such as walking, jogging, cycling or participating in playing sports can be included in the category of exercise. But there are three broad categories of exercises, namely

  • Aerobic Exercise: An aerobic activity involve the use of a person’s bones and muscles present in the hands and feet. The word ‘aerobic’ means requiring oxygen, this type of exercise makes the heart beat faster and a person inhale more oxygen. Examples of aerobic activity is running, walking, swimming and cycling. With time aerobic activity help the lungs and heart of an individual to function more effectively.
  • Anaerobic Exercise: This is a special type of activity that last shorter but is more effective. Anaerobic activity such as weight lifting, pushups, pull-ups, sprinting require more use of oxygen and relies on the energy stored in the muscles.
  • Stretching Exercise: These activities stretch, lengthen the muscles and improve the flexibility of the joints present in the human body.

Benefits of walking:

One of the simplest and most effective exercise that an individual can do is walking. People from all ages can easily walk for few minutes which can help them stay fit and healthy. A brisk walk daily can not only an individual feel relax but also helps to

  • Maintain a proper weight of the person and prevent fat to grow
  • Prevent heart problems, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
  • Improve bone and muscle function for movement and coordination

Benefits of hiking:

Hiking is similar to walking but it is term reserved to walk on a particular route whether on mountain trails. Hiking can include long or short walk in the countryside breathing fresh air and enjoying the beautiful sights and smell of nature. Hiking is very good for person’s health and has following benefits

  • Improves the blood sugar levels and keep the blood pressure in check
  • It lowers the risk of a heart attack
  • Muscles and bones become strong as person moves from ground pushes his body on higher ground during a hike session

Benefits of Qi Gong:

Qigong is one of the Chinese method of exercising. The word ‘Qigong’ translates as ‘life energy cultivation’. It is a sort of art that uses different physical movement, breathing techniques and mediation activities that strengthens the human energy. Qigong usually involves slow coordination of a person’s bones and muscles, deep breathing which leads to a more calm and tranquil state of mind. Qigong is now widely used in the world for self-healing, exercise purposes, spiritual training and martial arts training.

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