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By February 22, 2018Herbs

The Queen Of Herbs – Holy Basil Benefits And Uses

Basil is a culinary herb that is cultivated in different parts of the world, comprising of over 35 different types. However, one that intrigues us the most is the Herbal Basil (also referred to scientifically as Ocimum Sanctum L. and Tulsi in Southeast Asia) mainly due to the fact that it is one herb that has shown to provide numerous health benefits.

Tulsi or holy basil has been used in many forms as a treatment, especially in Indian medicine, ranging from ringworms to eye diseases. Holy basil is considered to be a tonic for the mind, spirit and body and its different parts (leaves to the seeds) are considered to treat different conditions such as:

  • Eczema
  • Malaria
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Bronchitis
  • Eye disease

Nutritional Facts of Holy Basil

The main reason why holy basil is considered to be so effective at battling these ailments is due to the nutritional benefits that it contains including:

  • Iron
  • Chlorophyll
  • Vitamin A and C
  • Calcium
  • Zinc

Benefits of the Holy Basil

All over the world, holy basil is recognized for its preventive properties that aid in the treatment of several conditions. It’s these benefits that it provides that have led it to being called the “Queen of Herbs”.

  • Consuming holy basil in any form has shown that it has led to reduced anxiety and stress in a person whether that stress is chemical, emotional, physical or infectious. People who included basil in their diet saw reduced:
    • Stress
    • Sleeping problems
    • Exhaustion
    • Sexual problems
    • Forgetfulness
  • Holy basil is considered to be antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiviral. Therefore people who applied basil to treat wounds and infections found it to provide protection and healed their wounds. Common infections and wounds that holy basil has been shown to heal include:
    • Acne
    • Keloids
    • Mouth ulcers
    • Raised scarring on the skin
  • People who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes have seen reduced blood sugar levels by including basil in their diet. Apart from that, it has shown to prevent symptoms such as:
    • High cholesterol
    • Weight gain
    • Insulin resistance
    • Hyperinsulinemia
  • Those looking to control their cholesterol will find holy basil to be quite beneficial for them. Eating fresh holy basil has shown to aid in weight loss leading to reduced cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Stress induced ulcers can be counteracted by adding basil in your diet. By doing that, it:
    • Decreases stomach acid
    • Extends life of mucus cells
    • Increases mucus secretion
    • Increases mucus cells
  • A cup of tea infused with holy basil leaves can provide relief from inflammation and can provide relief from pain to those who suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis.

There are many ways through which you can reap the benefits of holy basil. One method includes taking pills and supplements of holy basil (suggested dosage ranges from 600 mg to 1800 mg) as a form of preventive “medicine”. Another way through people can use holy basil is in the form of topical ointments as well as essential oils. Many people also find it to be relaxing with a cup of tea that includes holy basil leaves, dried leaf powder and flower while others prefer cooking with it.

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