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Back support pillow and back pain reduction

By February 22, 2018Pain Relieve

The essential use of Back support pillow for reducing back pain

One of the common pain that is faced by majority of people is back pain. Studies have shown that on average almost 80{c8df3bfb33e6b63e4697d7141351ebaa0e1ce6c721932044fcaeb6529c5ff944} of people experience some sort of back pain at least at one point of their lives. There are several causes of back pain and they may vary from person to person. Human body is made up of several bones, muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments which provide necessary support, stability and flexibility while a person stands, sits, sleeps and moves from one place to another. Sometimes due to any injury or improper nourishment the bones and muscles may weaken and cause pain in one particular part of the body. A person apart from taking necessary medicine also needs to improve his sleeping pattern and change his pillow which may be the very reason that is causing back pain. Back pains are very discomforting and leave a person very stressful.

Causes and symptoms of back pains:

Human back is an important part of the body. It is the large posterior area behind the chest and consists of two vertebrae (thoracic and lumbar vertebrae). The thoracic vertebrae is the upper portion and contains the spinal cord which is the backbone of the body and indispensable part, supporting the entire skeletal system. The spinal cord extends to the lower portion of the back which is known as Lumbar vertebrae and important in providing support such as in bending and twisting, and also protecting the spinal cord. The numerous muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments may be affected due to any illness such as arthritis, injury or strains. Most often or not the back pains are temporary and the pain is relieved within few days. But back pains can be categorized in two types, an acute pain is one which lasts for 5 to 6 weeks and chronic pain is one which persists for longer duration, from 6 to 12 weeks. The symptoms of back pain are

  • It can vary from a slight aching sensation to a more agonizing pain
  • A type of pain that makes your neck stiff and limit movement.
  • An aggravated pain that makes it difficult for a person to move his body, and sitting and standing causes severe pain.

How vital are pillow for back support:

There is nothing better than starting your day feeling refreshed after having a fitful sleep. People tend to believe that back pains may be result of some injury or illness when sometimes it can be simpler problem to solve and that which does not resort to using medicines or attending therapy sessions. A person’s sleeping pattern and type of pillow used for sleeping are factors that are also considered when a person feels back pain and a stiff neck. A pillow with right thickness, softness and size can very much reduce complains of back pains and neck strains. There are different types of pillow which can be used in either sleeping, sitting in a chair or relaxing on a sofa. There are pillows designed specifically for to relieve any back pains and improve the posture while sitting or relaxing. The pillows are quite soft and allow the back muscles to relax and avoid any stress and strains which is common if a wrong pillow is used. Back pains are mostly caused be awkward postures and sleeping positions. Back support pillows does not only keep the body align while being seated but also act as a comfortable cushion to reduce muscle strain.

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