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How to pick the right pillow for sleeping

By February 22, 2018Pain Relieve

How to pick the right pillow for sleeping?


There’s nothing better than getting a good night’s sleep and picking up the right pillow can help you in sleeping with comfort. Some clinical psychologist also suggests that picking the right pillow for sleeping can not only impact the quality of your sleep but can also help in in getting rest with a healthy system. On the other hand, picking up a wrong pillow for sleeping can greatly increases your chances of experiencing neck pain, headaches, arms and shoulder numbness, sneezing, gasping, and discomfort. Sleep experts suggests that people should replace their old pillows after every 12-18 months. Changing your pillow becomes mandatory when they are over 2 years old.

Following are some advices for sleeping positions according to sleep experts:

  • Sleeping on your back: If you sleep on your back then what you need is a thinner pillow, so your head don’t look thrown too far forward.
  • Sleeping on your sides: Those who sleep on their sides are supposed to use a firmer pillow to fill the distance between their outside shoulders and ears.
  • Sleeping on your stomach: People who sleep on their stomach tends to use a flat and very thin pillow because you don’t require a pillow for your head but for your stomach to avoid lower back pain.

Following are the types of pillow fillings one should know whenever shopping for a pillow:

  • Foam Pillow: These pillows are higher in density with less breakdown, and you will witness more support without getting too soft.
  • Memory Form Pillow: They come in various shapes and one of the most popular in their design is contoured S-shape pillow which is highly effective against for your neck during sleep. These pillows are highly popular because they help in decreasing compression points because they can automatically mold and adjust to the shape of your body no matter in which position or direction you move your muscles and joints, throughout the night.
  • Latex Pillow: They are the firmest type of all pillows and they can resist dust mites and molding during your sleep. Latex pillows are often contoured for neck support because they help in neck and back alignment according to your sleeping position.
  • Wool or Cotton Pillow: Wool and Cotton pillows are completely hypoallergenic, and they also resist dust mites and molding during your sleep. However! Both pillows are tending to be quite firm.
  • Feathery Pillow: These pillows are highly recommended by sleep experts because they offer a good night’s rest. One of the greatest thing about these pillows are that you can adjust the pillow stuffing as per your sleeping needs at any time. They are very soft and quite firm enough to provide the complete sleeping support which you might need whenever you are picking a right pillow.

Following are the type of pillows for people with differentiating sleeping styles

  • Cervical Pillows: Highly supports the neck during sleeping.
  • Water Pillows: It offers great density and support for your sleep.
  • Cool Pillows: They are touted to be antidote for night sweats and hot flashes during sleep.
  • Oxygen-Promoting Pillows: These pillows increase oxygen in your tiny blood vessels.
  • Anti-Snore Pillows: Such pillows are completely effective against snoring during your sleep.
  • Positional Pillows: These pillows are exclusively designed for stomach, sides, and back sleepers.

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